Frequently Asked Questions

There are huge benefits to sponsoring a grassroots sports team, from providing your local team with much needed financial backing, to raising your businesses profile and increasing local brand awareness.

There is also a Tax benefit to sponsoring local sports teams, if you can prove that the purpose and benefit are 'wholly and exclusively' business related. We would always advise speaking to your accountant for more information.

We offer a completely free service for both parties and see ourselves as more of a partner, all we ask is for recognition of our service by placing our logo on your clubs kit when we help arrange a sponsor, and also a link to our site on your business website.

We have made the registration proccess as easy as possible, use the register button at the top of the page and follow the steps. Keep your eyes peeled for our how to videos, coming soon!

We welcome all sports on the site, across all levels and abilities, including individual compatitors as well as teams and entire clubs.

We have set up the site ourselves using our years of digital marketing experience so overheads are low, but to cover our hosting costs and future development from time to time you will see affiliate advertising on the site, this will only show adverts that are relevant to the content of the site.

If you are having trouble registering please email us at, use the live chat feature or fill in the contact us section. We are also available on the social media channels linked in the footer of the website.