5 reasons to sponsor a sports team

15th September 2019

As with any marketing for your business it has to be considered and researched before any financial commitment is made, we hope this helps you make your decision to support a local sports team and improve the brand awareness.

1. Brand Awareness

What better was is there to get your brand out to people every single week, have your logo and branding visible to local people that will remember your business and also buy in to you as you have helped get their team on the pitch and your backing has provided much needed funding to the team they are following or playing for, if you chose to support a team at a young level your brand will stay with both the children and players for a very long time.

2. Help the local community

Structured sport is a great thing for young people and adults alike, the physical mental health benefits are amazing. Your business could be a focal point of the community, encouraging young people to be part of a team, push their physical development and keep them on the right path.

3. Financial Benefits

As well as the above mentioned Brand Awareness from sports sponsorship, there will potentially be an increase in revenue from the exposure, as well as potential tax breaks available to businesses that sponsor local sports (please check with your accountant).

4. Supporting Friends or Family

You may have a connection to a specific club, a child that played or still plays there, a friend or family member that attends or still play, or maybe even a team or sport you have played. This connection is always a great reason to get back involved and find a perfect sponsorship opportunity for your brand.

5. Its a nice thing to do

Giving opportunities to people who have a passion and a drive to be involved in sports at any level is only possible with the support of sponsor and the financial help they offer.

We have a number of opportunities available already and are growing by the day, with sponsorship packages to fit most budgets and teams based all around the UK