Sponsorship for season 24/25. Grow your brand with us.

28th February 2024 Walsall WS3, UK Football

1. Club name: Sporting Athletic FC

Teams: Sporting Athletic First team, going into West Midlands Regional league division 2.

2. Location: Wolverhampton, Walsall, West Bromwich, Birmingham.

3. Established: 2022

4. Goal: Our focus is on player development and elevation. Helping players reach their goals through football, and giving hope and purpose to individuals who never had the opportunity to dream. Be it through helping them become top quality players with the help of our academy sector WMGM Sporting Academy, and introducing them to valuable contacts, or supporting them in building life changing transferrable skills, to become a player, coach, financial treasurer, first aid/medical team, photography and media, physiotherapist and the many more roles and skills required to run a football team. 

We are currently working with students from Wolverhampton universities helping them build real world experience in coaching and management, as well as players from the Birmingham, Walsall and Wolverhampton council supporting them through football to reaching their goals. 

5. What do we require and why? We are looking for funding to help us in continuing our project. Our ultimate goal is to be able to offer this service and opportunity to players of ALL backgrounds especially those who are less fortunate, for free or at a minimal cost, meaning players aren’t struggling or having financial stress; as this is one of the main hinderance in players growing and succeeding in the sport. With funding we are also able to focus on the players rather than worrying about financial survival, meaning better coaching, better facilities, more professional approach, and room for growth.

We will also appreciate  opportunities offered by your business that we can offer our players. meaning players can get a reward but in return become customers to you:

(Please see attached costs/fees and our requirements)

6. what we will offer in return:

Listed on our website with opportunity to have a hyperlink to your own website or social media account.

Host a charity game. We have one in the process for ‘The Way’ based in wolverhampton. To be player this year preseason 2024/2025

  • sponsorship printed on kits (depending on amount of sponsorship)

Be a part of something great.

  • continued publicity via social media and videos.
  • Season ticket to all home games
  • (Bars and pubs) return in customers (players presentation etc booked at your site).

7. continued/Future plans: we hope to work with the FA, Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Walsall and Staffordshire councils and educational institutions and their local community businesses to provide the best platform to a successful future. 

Current sponsorship: 

  • Kits, training equipment and match equipment: SPONSORED BY EMPOWERING U CARE LTD, contract ends 28/05/2024
  • POM trophies and Captain arm band: SPONSORED BY MARYFASH LTD contract ends 28/05/2024

Costs/Sponsorship requirements: 

  • Kits and equipment: £800 
  • Administration cost: League fees and fa affiliation and insurance: £2,000
  • Facilities sponsorship (training): £1500
  • Player sponsorship: £300
  • Club sponsorship (covers miscellaneous costs): £1500
  • Total: £6,100

We do not expect all costs to be covered by the one sponsor however these are our main overheads for the next season and will greatly appreciate the support towards these costs.

Sponsors can also provide banners that  can be displayed at Home matchdays.

Thank you and hope to TEAM up with you.

Website: www.wmgmsacademy.com

Instagram: wmgms.academy

Email: wmgmsacademy@gmail.com

Phone: 07926669525